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"I like to drink orange juice."

Translation:Tôi thích uống nước cam.

May 6, 2017



I thought juice means "nước ép". Not only "nước". Shouldn't be "nước ép cam" the rigth translation for orange juice?


They means basically the same and are both right. I would rather translate juice to nước hoa quả - "water" (from) fruit. However, as juice is usually by squeezing (ép) fruit, they can mean the same.


NOOO.. ok i kinda get it.. but it really should be "Tôi thích uống nước ép cam" ... although i suppose Apple Water and Orange Water... would.. mean juice... in fact Google Translate says Apple Juice == "nước táo" so i think the Juice/ép is.. implied.. but not required...? Viets would probably understand at least..


It is kind of the "spoken language". Everyone kinds of understands "nước ép cam" = "nước cam". In other words, the word "ép" is implied and rarely spoken (unless one is learning Vietnamese)


Toi thich uong nuoc ep cam and I got a correct.

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