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  5. "Elgen spiser et eple."

"Elgen spiser et eple."

Translation:The moose is eating an apple.

May 6, 2017



do they do that?


Oh yes, they'll stroll right into a garden and help themselves.


by the way, how do you give lingots???


You just press "Give Lingot" below the comment, it's to the right of "Reply" and "Delete".


Not showing up on my computer screen? Also there is an "Edit" between "relpy" and "delete" on my comments but on others (like yours) there is just "Reply" and no "Delete" so i dont know where it would be.


It's to the right of delete, and the left of the time stamp. I don't know why you're not seeing it, but it could be yet another A/B test, I suppose.

We're only allowed to edit our own comments (for obvious reasons), so that's why you're not seeing any "Edit" option below the comments of others.


So ... I don't really get 'et' and 'en' ... they both mean 'a'? When do I use each? Any help?

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Norwegian has three genders: neuter, masculine and feminine. (Feminine nouns can take masculine forms.) Each has its own indefinite article:
"Et" is used with neuter words, e.g., et eple, et hus (an apple, a house).
"En" is used with masc/fem nouns, e.g., en bil, en bok.
"Ei" is used with feminine nouns, e.g., ei bok, ei jente.

Anytime you learn a new noun, it's a good idea to learn its gender so that you know which articles, possessives and forms to use with it.


Exactly the same answer seems to be incorrect

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If the same thing happens again, and you're sure there are no errors, please take a screenshot and submit it with a Bug Report via the Help option. Thanks!

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