Why is "not especially difficult" a possible translation of "jueves"?

I'm working on the "Dates and Time" component of the first major section, and the translator drop-down is listing "not especially difficult" as a possible translation for "jueves" (Thursday). I know a fluent Spanish speaker who has never heard of this definition of jueves. I looked it up in a dictionary and there is the idiom "no es cosa/nada del otro jueves" -- "nothing special" or "nothing to write home about". I wouldn't say that those are equivalent in meaning to Duolingo's possible translation, though.

June 24, 2012


Found another one -- "mes" (month) had a possible translation of "I had a jacket made"! =P

June 24, 2012

Another: "padre" (father) had a possible translation of "terrible".

June 25, 2012
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