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  5. "A wolf eats fried meat."

"A wolf eats fried meat."

Translation:Un lup mănâncă carne prăjită.

May 6, 2017



I'm confused I thought 'o' was 'a' also, or is it because it's a feminine 'a'?


I'm not sure what you are asking. Can you provide more details?


Sorry I guess am asking why the answer isn't two options. Un lup mananca carne prajita & o lup mananca carne prajita. Can you not start with a sentence with 'o'


Oooh, now I understand. Well, in Romanian, nouns have genders and lup is a masculine noun. The rule is:

  • masculine: un (a wolf - un lup)
  • feminine: o (a sheep - o oaie)

You also have a neuter gender which has the singular as a masculine and the plural as a feminine.

  • neuter: un (a chair - un scaun, but two chairs is două scaune)


Just to clarify then... "carne" is fem, not neuter? For some reason I always thought it was neuter which, correct me if i'm wrong, would make is "carne prăjit" ?


I made the same mistake here and was under the impression it was prăjit...


Duolingo is absolutely shit!

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