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  5. "Я говорю по скайпу з Марком."

"Я говорю по скайпу з Марком."

Translation:I skype with Mark.

May 7, 2017



I speak by Skype with Mark - why not?


"Skype" is just a brand in English- although some people use it as a verb, it it not widely used in this manner, so translating this as "I Skype with Mark" is really less appropriate than the literal translation....


It's widely used as a verb where I am (native American English speaker). I would find it awkward to communicate this sentence without using Skype as a verb, actually.


Well, since English->Ukrainian course is the only way to learn this language with DuoLingo, many non-native english speakers (including myself) use it as they have no other option. It took me a while to recognise "skype" as verb.


I'm a native English speaker and I also struggled to answer this question (in the form where words are selected from a set), because it took me some time to see that "skype" was intended as a verb.


It's gone the way of Hoover.


Brand named become generalized


Skype has not yet become so accepted that you can write "skype" in English, It must still be "Skype".

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