May 7, 2017




Borrowing from Greek κουνουπίδι (kounoupídi).


IPA: /konoˈpidə/

Hyphenation: co‧no‧pi‧dă


conopidă f (plural conopide)

1) cauliflower

From Wiktionary: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/conopid%C4%83

May 7, 2017


Mate, you're just everywhere! You're like our personal Ethymology dictionary. Cheers!

August 7, 2017


Thanks a lot! I remember I used to use the translation tool (Immersion) with Romanian, and also with English as target language (EN to RO translation), but since there is no more immersion I think this is a good way to share some vocabulary in the forum. In my country, at least at the university, it is easy to find students who want to learn and practice, English, Italian, French, and perhaps Japanese but it is hard to find people that learn Romanian or Swahili. I think it is necessary to add more vocabulary to practice with native speakers, for example in social media. Since I am just practicing in Duolingo (and sometimes in Memrise) I hope to give more attention and focus in new Romanian skills soon! =)

August 9, 2017
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