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Eurovision!! Broadcasting 9-13 of May

Hey guys, I am here to remind you all that EUROVISION IS IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watch it every year, and then I talk about it with my friends. But not all of my friends watch Eurovision! :( Its so sad. So I just wanted say to those people that don't know about Eurovision that it is the BEST MUSIC SHOW EVER and is the highlight of my year, every year. So for those people that don't watch Eurovision, search it up on Google: 'Eurovision 2017' and find out when you can watch it and make sure you watch it, no matter what, 'cos its AMAZING! This year it'll be held in Kiev, Ukraine, and I will be supporting France and Germany, the two languages I am learning, and of course, England and Australia, the two English speaking countries. I am a Eurovision fanatic I am so sorry this is taking so long. You can listen to some of the Eurovision songs on YouTube, or you can just wait and surprise yourself on the night that it is broadcasted. You can tell me all about the Eurovision things that you love down in the comments. Please comment about Eurovision, especially if you are a Eurovision fantatic like me. Thanks!

May 7, 2017



England and Australia, the two English speaking countries.

What about Rep. of Ireland and, depending on your definition, Malta?

To make this more language related, I'll also add the non-English songs here:

Finally, I'll make a bold prediction: Finland won't qualify.


Just letting you know, Lindita will perform a translated version of her song called "World" which is entirely in English :/


Yep, Albania has been doing that for a couple years know and the result has always (?) been worse. I also linked Alma's original fully French song instead of the one she will perform with some English thrown in.


Yes, I did prefer the original French song, the English chorus sounds like it just has too many syllables... to be honest, with Në Jetë/I'm Alive (2015) and Perallë/Fairytale (2016) I'd have to agree with you but I don't find World worse than Botë but we'll see how it goes this week!


Sorry, when I think of U.K. I always think of Ireland as well even though it is not part of U.K. at all. I had no idea Malta spoke English, though.!


The German entry looks pretty strong this year as well as Denmark... and maybe Hungary as a darkhorse?


Germany isn't my favourite to be honest, as an Australian I can't help but get behind Anja from Denmark (she comes from Sydney and won The Voice Australia a few years ago) and I'm glad I'm not the only Pápai Joci fan!


I love Eurovision! Unfortunately I have to get up at 5am here in Australia to watch it, but it's definitely worth it to see all the different European countries showing their cultures through a fun event such as Eurovision! I actually started learning Ukrainian a few months back just because of Eurovision!

This year I really like Denmark (the singer also happens to be Australian!) and Norway (it's so relaxing, a great song to have in a calm playlist) but Italy is my favourite non-English entry.

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Joci from Hungary definitely has the most unique song and deserves to win, but I don't think he will because Hungary does not have a voting block of its own (the curse of being the only Finno-Ugric speaking country in Central Europe).

Though I think he will get quite a few points from the Balkan countries and Romania, where people are more familiar with the sounds of traditional Gypsy music and its musical instruments. And thankfully Joci based his song on the more traditional kind of Gypsy music from Hungary, not the modern styles of Manele and Chalga which are more popular in Romania and Bulgaria but frankly are much, much worse.

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