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"Allerdings war die Zusammenarbeit nicht von Dauer."

March 2, 2013



No English speaker would say "impermanent". "However, the collaboration was not ongoing", would be closer to the mark.


Well, some English speakers might say impermanent--not I, at least in this context, because it's a bit stilted here, but it's a perfectly good word. ;-)

But that aside, would this be more accurately transcribed as ". . . was not ongoing" as you suggest, or would "did not last" fit the German sentence better?


Thank you, Soglia, for your comment. Yes, I'm happy to vote for "... did not last." Curiously, as I approach the end of the Duolingo German lesson series, the more awkward some of the English translations seem to be becoming.


Well, I have the impression that it's a work in progress, in which we participating. There don't seem to be as many people at this end of the route as at the beginning, so the items have been tested and revised less.


That seem to be true. Personally by translation would be, The collaboration/cooperation, however, did not last (for long).

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