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Who wants to learn Hawaiian?

I was thinking and came to an ideas, what if there would be at least one Oceanian language, like Hawaiian - it's a very beautiful and fun language to learn, plus it has only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet. Why wouldn't we give a try and someone would submit a Hawaiian course. Just think about it. So what else can I say than Aloha!

May 7, 2017



You should really check out this post where you can suggest languages for the incubator. Hawaiian already has a page here.


I think that's a great idea! Hawaiian would be fun to learn and we could help revive it, very few speak it. There are only a few thousand native speakers and 30,000 some speakers overall! Hawaiian needs some help and if we get it on Duolingo that could help a lot. Anybody know Hawaiian?


Yes hawaiien is a brilliant idea it's such a beautiful language


I wanna learn Hawaiian:) I found a page with the alphabet if anyone is interested http://www.omniglot.com/writing/hawaiian.htm


I want to learn it


The hawaiian class Is Out of beta

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