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"Tôi không thích những người lười biếng."

Translation:I do not like lazy people.

May 7, 2017



Is lười biếng common? I learned làm biếng growing up. Is there a difference?


những người lười biếng cũng không thích tôi đâu ^^


I learned a new english word, Indolent. It's synonym for lazy.

But I came here to learn vietnamese words..


I have reported a bug in this module (Attributes) twice that prevents me from finishing the module. One of the questions doesn’t have a text box so you can’t answer the question and move on. If you toggle to “use word bank” no word bank appears. This is on the mobile browser NOT the app or the regular desktop version. I can’t unlock the next section because of this bug and I don’t know what else to do about it. Please advise.

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