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Other resources to learn German?

I want to get to B2 or C1 in the CEFR levels by next year ideally. I currently use Duolingo and Memrise but are there any other resources that you use that you recommend? Also where can I improve my listening and reading comprehension skills.

May 7, 2017



Here's a little series with subtitles for learners: http://www.goethe.de/lrn/prj/wnd/deu/mse/fo1/deindex.htm

And this should help you build up your affairs vocab at the stage where normal news sites are still a bit too difficult:



BBC has some good stuff you should look at popular discussion for lots more lists of resources are very popular


yes, try readlang; it uses a tool for reading similar to immersion; it's free up to a point


Rosencross compiled a list of German resources from a number of people, here is the link: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13193331


I've found that the website www.babadum.com is good for developing vocabulary skills.


Have you been practicing speaking? If possible, I would suggest finding a language exchange buddy. I used to use Hellotalk, but I am currently using Tandem. It's not too bad; I'm still looking for other resources, though.

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