"Keep here"

Translation:Weka hapa

May 7, 2017

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Reluctantly, I barge in to simply say I reported the answer as "unnatural English". However, maybe I didn't barge in, because it looks like the delightful, entertaining conversation above was concluded. I hope they're enjoying their beers! I too have been favorably impressed with Duolingo which really provides us with highly effective courses. A special feature is that they remain dynamic, always open to improvement. Also, one can learn a great deal through the discussion forum!


It's free and it has got me to learn the beginnings of a language I never ever contemplated being able to tackle. It's fun , addictive, effective- what more can you ask for !!!


What does this mean?


Haha, exactly!

If someone said "keep here" I'd assume they mean "stay here" and don't speak English perfectly.

From looking at the definition of "weka", I think means "keep it here", with an unspecified object ... but yeah.

My least favourite thing about this course is not the bad English ... it's the short fragments of sentences used instead of teaching us whole sentences. Like, we're given things like "we will buy" without any object, or just "unfortunately" on its own. It's a wasted opportunity ... why just teach vocabulary when you could teach vocabulary AND sentence structure at the same time?


I have different issues with the course though maybe related. There is this lesson called Present 3 which hardly contains any Present Tense. Neither does it offer any grammar explanation. But it throws Future and Past Tense sentences at you which haven’t been treated so far and assumes that you naturally grasp in the same time that what used to be verbs are suddenly now refered to as nouns and all prefixes change in wild unpredictable ways. The word ‘it’ can from now on be of any noun class, but you are supposed to naturally assume the right one. I am over the first shock by now, just realising that all this concerns only the 3 person sg/pl and not everything I have learned is suddenly wrong, but yet... Also Present Tense is from this point on ‘only’ Present continues and nouns rather take a def article and not indefinite. ((That seemsto be a beta – bug) Well let’s look to the ups: One lesson further they lower the prices of beer. Maybe if you had enough of them you naturally feel the flow of grammar :D


But that all sounds very negative. I want also to THANK the people who did the course for all the work they did. It is easy to criticize others.... I mean because of you guys who did all this work until here, I do speak some Swahili now, which I didn't before and I start discovering a whole new world... So thanks for this. I hope you keep up with the work and this course will be as splendid at every aspect as it already partly is.


Yeah, I don't think that sounds that negative. It's constructive criticism. There are some people who have been very negative about the course and it's just like "Well, why are you here?" They're here because they want to learn Swahili and in spite of all of its faults, this is probably the best free Swahili course on the internet. Like, we're actually learning Swahili here, even though we may sometimes get frustrated with the English or confused by what's going on—but I feel that the simple fact that this is in beta is enough warning.

And yes, they lowered the price of beer, but they also told me not to sleep in the afternoon. I've never felt more personally attacked in my life!! :'-D

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