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past conditional

this topic makes me want to give up learning this language until the tree gets an overhaul. there is no reason why the grammar should be so awful. some of the correct sentences kinda sound like AAVE ( ex. "if you would have cooked you would have been eaten" ) but even for AAVE its a bit unnatural ( it feels more natural to say "been ate" ). i cant get past the second lesson because even if I'm doing my best to memorize what correct solution the system wants i resort to trying to do it properly and its infuriating.

i know what i'll get " its in beta just report and be patient :) " but I've done beta courses before, and they were nowhere near this bad (also I've sent in more reports than i can count for this and other things). this is absurd. there may only be 2 devs on this course but i would have rather waited for this to be released without audio but with correct English sentences than without audio AND incorrect Standard English sentences.

May 7, 2017



How about "it was released before it was ready because Mr CEO Luis wanted it to coincide with a seminar or whatever it was that he was doing rather than just saying it was in the works, and the way beta release works makes it harder for the creators to get corrections done than if it was still in alpha, plus they are busy with Peace Corps stuff".

Better answer? ;)


actually yea that is a much better and clearer answer, thanks!


On the plus side, once you've done over and over again, enough remember the correct incorrect answers for English, the Swahili sentences will be a breeze ... unsure but hopeful grin

(I generally write positively here, but you should know that I swear and give my phone the finger pretty regularly while doing this course, lol.)


Glad to hear you are human too. I try to be patient and have decided not to do the school section again until corrections are made as it makes me want to be very rude, which doesn't help anyone.


I've heard that that topic i really challenging due to the translations, but I unfortunately can't give tips until I get to that part of the tree. I'm just hoping it'll be fixed soon


Learn what you can, of course, then use "copy and paste" to get through a troublesome topic. No point in spending time memorizing the exact phrasing of wrong answers. And yes, report, report, report. (I still have faith that someday the thousands of reports they must have received by now will all be considered and additions/corrections made where appropriate.)

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