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Writing lessons down?

i heard that writing stuff down was good but it just feels like a waste of time. It doesn't seem to help. I started doing it a few months ago. But it just takes so much time. I'm just a little over half way after 8 months. I don't even feel like I'm retaining it when i use the computer.

I don't know if i just need a lot of repetition.

May 7, 2017



It seems you've answered your own question. You've given yourself a few months and feel like it's a waste of time. Not quite sure how fast you advance....perhaps if you experiment with more reviewing and practice and learning, you'll find a process that works better for you. Best wishes.:)


What I sometimes do is write it down once in ( foreign word or sentence, english word or sentence ) pairs and then create flash cards from it in e.g. the Quizlet app.

Then I use the FlashCardsDeLuxe app (after importing that flash card set from Quizlet) to repeat it (e.g. while handwriting it using my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hardware pen).

I then usually quickly reach scores in the 90% range (at least for some natural languages) after some re-writing repetitions of the same of words or sentences in that flash cards.


or just more resources


Have you tried Memrise? Also, here is a post that I've followed that is quite helpful with many resources for German: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13193331 Rosencross compiled the resources from many people.


I made flashcards of every sentence I had the tiniest difficulties with when I did the Swedish tree. Then every day I reviewed a set of the cards until I got all of them right. The most difficult ones I reviewed again with a bunch of new cards and the easier ones I put in a pile for later reviewing. So basic spaced repetition, but I just decided myself where each card would go. It was really effective and it didn't take too much time each day (you can easily adjust this by how many new cards you add to the mix).

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