Make Croatian for English please please

My great grandfather was Croatian I thought I should learn the language because it is my heritage and a am pretty sure someone will make it because it is commonly known who will make it and when will they make it

May 7, 2017


If you'd like a Croatian course, upvote this post. If you'd like other languages as well, click here. In the meantime, try using other online resources to learn and practice with your family members or friends (if they speak Croatian).

May 7, 2017

If I can be of any help, I'd like (I'm Croat) so...until they add language

May 8, 2017

strongly support your request for this. In Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, speaking very similar language but the language - whatever you called it- it is nota problem for Macedonians, Slovenians ... I think it's more than 20 million potential users Duolingo For example, I'm learning Italian through English, but would be much more effective to teach at our language Serbo-Croatian-etc ... Greetings from Serbia

May 10, 2017
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