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Will the Weekly Incubator Updates ever return?

A user called Jitengore used to upload a post with the progress courses made in the following week. However since a website update where users can no longer see people's posts, he hasn't uploaded any (if he has updated a new one could someone let me know?).

I was wondering if they will ever return. I was thinking of taking over and doing them myself, but I realised how much of a time commitment that is. I would really like to then thank Jitengore for uploading the updates because they were really useful and did take a large time commitment on his part.

If anyone starts them up again, or has already, let me know below because I'd like to see them return :)

May 7, 2017



Here's his last one, from April 16: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22179757

He had started doing them every other week, presumably due to demands on his time. Hopefully he's just super busy and not abandoning the updates.


The weekly updates were nice and all, but I'd like to see progress on the Hindi course first. In the meantime, see updates here.


I agree with gibbothebee. A little bit of clicking around can give you the information you want and need about the incubator. I imagine that jitengore is burned out from the incubator. He/She travels and goes to school, and it quite busy by them. I would rather that they focus on ONLY the Hindi course, and their personal lives first.


Thank you. I am frustrated when I check every week for updates on the Hindi course and I only see the moderators saying that the launch will be delayed (again and again). Instead of prioritizing incubator updates, the team should focus on their own progress so they actually have something to report.


I loved the weekly incubator updates too. Can someone please tell me if theres any way I can get the %s for Yiddish, Haitian Creole or High Valyrian given they are not listed here https://www.duolingo.com/courses/all


I was thinking the same. I wish someone else would do It if he's busy. Maybe they could email him to find out which weeks they could fill in or just go ahead and do their own one.


They are back! And now with a central thread to track them, check here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22360462 I'm very happy to see them again. Spread the word!

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