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Swahili weekend 2

I was doing some exercises and came across the word "umeme" and there was some confusion about the word. So I found this video that I would like to share with you to help you out and give you a feel of the language in its natural form.


To make this a bit more fun, I will give out a lingot for every sentence you can translate.

May 7, 2017



Nice. Thanks for that. Was wondering


For one thing this is a comedy clip, the lady is acting like a "dumb blond'. It is not really a good clip for getting used to hearing the language expecially listening to the woman since in a way she is acting a part. The man is playing the part of a director,I believe from a different country. He says his job is to welcome (karibisha) or to bring electricity to ruwanda. At the first he says thanks for the shortage of electricity in Tanzania. If I am not mistaken part of Umeme problem is because of things he is doing. He explains to the woman there two different kinds of transformers. Then he mentions several part related to a transformer. How to get power from transformer to the pole.(of course the woman is clueless of what he is Talking about. He is saying things in a way that are making fun of the problem of electricity in Tanzania. At One place he is over exagerating how long some places will be without electricity and why. (to promote kerosene (mafuta ya taa one place and another place candles Lots of play on words. one place he says the price of candles will go up because of electricity problem. The last part is a commercial for Vodacom a phone company here in Tanzania. the guy got a problem with his car and tried to phone for help but he had no money on his phone. When he tried to call he got a voice message on his phone telling him he needed to add money (ongeza pesa) to his phone. Then basically says Vodacom together forever


Some background here in Tanzania, electricity is cut many times and most of the time there is no good reason given. These comedians are playing off of this problem.


Funny, but far above my level. When searching I found this video:


useful as a more language related cultural introduction. I like it .


I may have to return to that one in a month or two. ;-) I get that it's about the price of umeme with different numbers being mentioned and about supplies by Tanesco to Zanzibar. But the subtleties are lost on me.


Actually no but good try. The numbers you heard were the amount of time those places would be in a black out. But have a lingot for trying.

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