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I need a english correspondent


My name is Marie, I'm french and I've 17. I need a correspondent to improve my english. I like sciences (especially physic), literature, politic, music and many others thinks. If you can help me don't hesitate to contact me.

PS : I can help you with french

May 7, 2017



Hi my name is Abigail and I am a native English speaker. I'm learning french at school so I would love to help you with English and would love your french help:) let me know if your interested... btw I need a lot of help for french class and your English is already beautiful


Bonjour Marie,

J'aimerais vous aider. Est-ce-que vous voulez quelqun a parler avec sur le site "duolingo"? Je peut vous aider avec l"Anglais et peut-etre vous pouvez m'aider avec mon Francais. J'ai dix-neuf ans et l'anglais et ma langue maternelle. Je m'excuse pour ma francais. mon clavier est en Anglais. let me know if you're interested.


I can help! My friend moved from France a few years ago and I got to help her with her English, so I can always help!


I can help but I am only 11yrs old and I am called Jennifer


HMU if you want help


i know un peu french as well as I live in america, i'd be glad to help


also i really need help in my french class, sooo...


Your English s very good!


You might try hellotalk. Duo is not a good place to find Language partners

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