"Nguo mpya"

Translation:New clothes

May 7, 2017



why does it not accept 'new cloth'?? Is that not correct?

May 27, 2017


I think that answer is also correct. In the TUKI dictionary the first Swahili word shown for "cloth" is "nguo"

April 21, 2018


How come this is not Nguo Mipya?

May 7, 2017


Nguo is in the 9/10 (N) class. Nouns and djectives in the 9/10 class do not indicate plural or singular and the form of "new" is mpya in both cases.

Nyumba mpya imejengwa.
= A/the new house has been built.

Nyumba mpya zimejengwa.
= (The) new houses have been built.

Mipya is only used with class 4 nouns (plural of the M-MI class), which also begin with Mi-

Mito hii ni mipya.
= These pillows (or rivers) are new.

-pya has the following forms for all the noun classes.

  1. mtu mpya = new person
  2. watu wapya = new people

  3. mto mpya = new pillow/river

  4. mito mipya = new pillows/rivers

  5. dirisha jipya = new window

  6. madirisha mapya = new windows

  7. kitanda kipya = new bed

  8. vitanda vipya = new beds

  9. nguo mpya = new cloth/garment

  10. nguo mpya = new cloths/clothes/garments

  11. ukuta mpya = new wall
    (10. kuta mpya = new walls)

  12. ugonjwa mpya = new illness
    (6. magonjwa mapya = new illnesses)

15. kula kupya = new eating (!? ... I suppose if you want to say something like "drinking is the new eating", maybe?)

16. mahali papya = in a new place
17. nyumbani kupya = at a new house
18. nyumbani mupya = in a new house

May 7, 2017
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