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What happened to English -> Target language? It's just translate to English and that's it.

May 7, 2017



A/B test? I've heard people complain about this recently, so I think that it's not unlikely.


Maybe your account has been moved to the new web version?
There, the easiest way to change your base language is:

  • On the home screen: Click on the flag next to your avatar
  • click on "Add a new course" (https://www.duolingo.com/courses)
  • go to the upper right corner, and click on the down arrow: , to open the language menu for selecting your base language "I speak ........."
  • click on the language you want e.g English
  • click on the picture of the language you want to learn e.g Spanish
  • a new webpage will open "Learn Spanish from English":
    click on the button "Start course"
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