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Level 25 Spanish i finally got to it!

Im so happy!!!!!!!!!

May 7, 2017



Yay! That's truly fantastic. It takes a lot of hard work, motivation, and passion to get that far.


Cool congrads.


Now that you've reached that level, how fluent are you? :)


I know I'm not OP, but I'm almost to level 24 and I'd say that I'm a A2 /B1 when I read Spanish. I haven't even started talking to anyone.


Speaking is quite a different skill, so I would advise starting ASAP, if you plan to speak Spanish?


Do you have any suggestions for finding a language partner? I'm still in college. I have considered going over to the Spanish department and asking one of the professors.


Speaking helps so much in learning the language. All my attempts to converse with Spanish speakers have been welcomed and everyone has been so helpful. It's allot of fun taking what you've learned and actually having a conversation .


Reading a book with the dictionary helps more learning a language that speaking; speaking, you only fix some conversational item, but reading (with dictionary) help a lot more to improve your knowledge about one language. I am speaking from my experience. I learned Spanish with a manual, than I used to hear literary and scientific stuffs and then I start to practice alive the conversation. This helps me only in "opening" and forming this "skill". But only when I started to read books in Spanish I begun to improve exponentially my knowledges of Spanish language.


Fantastic. That's must be a very satisfying accomplishment ! How many months did you take to do it ?


sorry i want yelling my caps lock was on


Excelente! Te felicito por tu gran avance en el idioma, ojalá que puedas practicar con alguien en el futuro, ya que Duolingo solo te ayuda con el vocabulario, más no con las conversaciones con gente real.


That's an achievement to be proud of!


¡Felicitaciones! What next?


I'm confused. Your profile shows that you're level 25 in Spanish, but it also shows that loads of your Spanish skills aren't gold, and you haven't even finished the course.

How have you done this?


basics one over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over probably


umm i finished everything and everything is gold soo i dont know what you are looking at


I have a troubleshooting script installed. It's called "Duolingo Stats", and you can get it from here: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Userscripts. It lets users see each others' trees. It's useful for helping in the troubleshooting forum, particularly when people get stuck early on.

You're working on Verbs: Infinitive 2 at the moment; you've done 7/10 lessons. You've completed the other two lessons on that row, Vocabulary 2 and Sports, so you'll be able to do the next row of lessons soon. You've completed 42 skills, out of the 61 in the tree. Of those, only four are gold; Basics 1, Phrases, Basics 2, and Questions.

It also shows how many XP people earn on each day of the last week. You've earned 20 XP today and Wednesday, 10 on Tuesday, zero over the weekend, and 20 on Friday... ... and you've managed 3830 on Monday. That's 383 lessons! Wow!

Duolingo Stats is a useful tool.


Wow NICE JOB BRO!!!!! All your 2000 XP per day finally paid off!!!!!


ya im home schooled and i want to becone a major in spanish and than i want to teach spanish


That's awesome. i'm homeschooled too




Felicidades!!! Bien hecho.


Felicidades! :D


Congratulations! :)


Well done!


! [ ] ( Insert Link ) No Spaces. That's it.

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Good job!


thanks all of you


Have you considered starting the reverse tree, English for Spanish speakers? It is more difficult but very rewarding in boosting your Spanish. Also, if you really want to take it to the next level you can take another language course for Spanish speakers. I recently finished the Italian tree for Spanish speakers, it forced my to think in Spanish and/or Italian. I would recommend that if you do this you finish the tree for that other language in English first.

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