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Neverending story - after finishing the tree


I've managed to finish my Spanish tree. It's been fun, it's been cool. And I know I have the basics only. The platform itself can't make you as good as a native speaker is unless you interact. Also, I know Duolingo is not ment to be a full-language-study tool. But, along with test that you buy for lingots, is there a possibility to add some kind of a second-tree or similar activity? Like a second level of a study, that could be opened once you finish your tree and maintain it golden for at least a month with a 30 days streak (just an idea) :)

Thanks for reading, D

May 8, 2017



Try out some other free sites that give additional material.


It would be nice to have "advanced user" trees or some such. Duolingo very clearly isn't moving in that direction, however.

A standard piece of advice (which I believe to be well on target) would be to do the English tree for Spanish speakers. It will require use of all that you've learned "in the wild" so to speak: subjunctive where subjunctive goes, not confined to one skill, etc. They also just greatly expanded that tree, so there's even more additional content than there would have been just a few weeks ago.


After finishing the Duolingo tree and keeping it gold for a while, it's new skills you need next, rather than new content.

You could start reading Spanish children's books, and listening to children's radio programs. If you can get a book and audiobook of the same thing, that can really help to improve both your reading and your listening skills.

A lot of people on these forums recommend using Memrise courses to expand your vocabulary, and Lang-8 for improving your writing skills.

You'll probably also want to find someone to speak Spanish with. Have a look at this post about how to find language exchange partners: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1444346. There are links to some useful websites on there. Don't miss DamedesLangues's comment, which has links to more sites.

It's also worth looking on the Multilingual learning resources page on the Duolingo Wiki.


Congratulations on finishing your Spanish tree!

Their are a lot of useful suggestions in the comments of the discussion
"Tree is all yellow. How do I get new exercises?"

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