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Native Language(s) Designation

Does anyone else agree that it would be nice to be able to designate our native language(s) on our profiles, so that it appears next to our "learning languages"? The purpose of this would be simply to provide another way to find people to practice with (form clubs with, etc.). Also, people can view which languages we are learning easier than our native language (or, on Android for example, cannot see our native language at all), so it seems a bit awkward in that respect.

May 8, 2017


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That's a good idea, but I think it should be voluntary, so people won't just automatically answer in that language instead of another language the person wants to speak.


Hmm… I agree. There are many people who have native languages not available on Duolingo so this will help out people a lot. I think it would also be nice to show other languages we are learning that aren’t available on Duolingo.


That's another important reason that I didn't think of. It could also help provide more statistics too to determine which languages are in need (and which would have an active pool to develop the course, potentially).


I think it would be nice just to sort out whose answers in sentence discussions are worth paying attention to. Of course, there would have to be spots for more than one of them in many cases to really be useful.


This has been suggested for years. I like the idea but they probably never implemented it because it's either impossible to accredit or adds unnecessary complexity to the service - or both.


Does anyone else agree that it would be nice to be able to... ? Yes, indeed I did that, I'm saying in my profile that my native language is Spanish. But I didn't do it for your reasons. I did it to satisty the curiosity of other users who want to know the native language of other users. And besides I read a post like yours months ago, and I though, why not.


Yes! That's a great idea!


In your profile description box, there is enough space to indicate this information. You can use my profile as an example if you need one.

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