I keep losing my 7 day wager!

Despite now being on a 99 day streak, every couple of days I lose my 7 day wager, costing me another 5 lingots. In the past 7 days I have 'lost my wager 'four times despite, as I wrote above, now being on a 99 day streak. How is this possible?!

This has being going on for the past few months. I have reported this bug to Duolingo three times now but have yet to receive any reply back.

Has anyone else esperienced this and if so how did they resolve the problem? Or if no-one can help me, is there a way of actually contacting someone at Duolingo? This is extremely frustrating and annoying irritation. I like taking the wager to keep me motivated to practise. It's hardly motivation to have my wager stolen every day or so!

May 8, 2017


Do you use streak freeze! I have read that it will save your streak but not your bet

May 8, 2017

No I've never used streak freeze. I've lost my wager a further 3 times since I posted my original comment despite continuing my streak. Worse, today I logged in to see my streak has been reset to 0, despite it showing the previous 7 days to be full! I've not only lost my streak wager but ow also my 104 day streak. I've now emailed duolingo five times asking them to look into this but have never received a reply back. It's bloody frustrating to say the least.

May 14, 2017
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