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Alright, who did this? (Found in the "materials" skill lesson)

I was just starting the last third of the materials skill lesson in the German tree when suddenly... (I hope this doesn't bother anyone, I just found it somehow funny)

Note: this is a real screenshot

May 8, 2017




By the way, the music genre is not called das Metall in German but (der) Metal (with an English pronunciation).


Thanks for pointing that out, as I thought das Metall meant heavy metal music. Yeah, Duolingo should change that (despite it making me laugh) as people may assume it relates to music.


Looks at Shingeki no Kyojin Ah, I see you're man of culture as well


Casually gives one of the biggest reveals/plot twists in the series


Even better, if you look down you will see that it has 9.63 stars. I know that it is probably on the 10-star scale, but it deserves that many on a 5-star scale as well


Good spot.

I believe it's automated.

There are other picture errors in the courses, for example when "wood" has the wrong picture supplied - the forest type of wood rather than the material type of wood, or vice versa. (Which suggests the server searches on the English word at least some of the time when obtaining a picture.)


But what I'm wondering is what "Der Sand" and "Das Gold" means...

  • Der Sand: the sand
  • Das Gold: the gold ;-)


I was just joking :D


Well what do you think those strings are made of, nylon? I mean, geez. :)


This is hilarious

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