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"He drinks coffee every morning."

Translation:Anakunywa kahawa kila asubuhi.

May 8, 2017



Does kila ever change to match the noun class or is it always kila?


It's always kila. I think it comes from Arabic and the ki- is just a coincidence.


In Arabic "kulla" is "every" -- pretty much the same word pronounced with slightly more of an i intonation than u


Would Yeye hunywa kahawa asubuhi. be another correct translation?


It should be - this is clearly the habitual tense


In dar kahawa can mean pure coffee without milk They usually have ppl moving around with it Ive heard coffee as the coffee that has milk


Could you explain why in this case the ku at the begining of the verb is retained - unlike kula and kuja it isn't an offensively short verb!


Well, the stem -nywa is actually one syllable, offensive of not :) Remember that the letter y in Swahili is not a vowel but a consonant. It is pronounced like the y in New York, not like the one is quickly. So, the ny is similar to the Spanish letter ñ in mañana. This followed by a w then becomes somewhat of a tongue breaker :)


That's a great answer, and makes sense now, thank you Ernst.


What is wrong with saying, yeye hunywa, instead of, anakunywa?

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