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  5. "Eu sempre amarei você."

"Eu sempre amarei você."

Translation:I'll always love you.

March 18, 2014



Witney Houston? Anyone?


Dolly Parton wrote and sang it first, friend.


Dolly has "Jolene". No one is thinking of her when it comes to "I Will Always Love You". I'm sorry, but that belongs to Whitney now like "Hurt" belongs to Johnny Cash and not Nine Inch Nails. Rest in peace Queen.


Thank you Duo. I know I have shouted at you and gotten in the past, but we are strong and we get through these things. I love you too Duo!


I had to lol. But I, too, love the owl.


"I will love you always" should be accepted. In American English, it is normal, and fairly common, to put always at the end like this. Word order in this case does not matter. I reported.

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