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Is it possible to post a screenshot taken with a smartphone?

When I find a problem or an inconsistency in a language lesson in the Duolingo app, I oftentimes take a screenshot of it , however, I don't know how to post it in order to bring it to the attention of the course contributors. I tried pasting a screenshot earlier in a discussion, but then it just posts a link, not the actual screenshot. Who knows how to do this, or if it's even possible?

May 8, 2017



You can't do it directly you have to save the image to something like imgur or another file sharing program then you post the link to it


Thanks for a sensible answer! I'm not familiar with imgur. Do you happen to know the other file sharing programs?


Photobucket. Is another you can probably use any program that makes the image available online to someone who has the URL but I haven't tried


Dag, Dutchesse -- see here ----> https://www.duolingo.com/comment/21301112

Hope this helps :)


Bedankt, Lily! Die informatie helpt me heel goed.


Every picture, wherever it comes from should first be made publicly available, then you link (=URL) to that picture.

So upload the picture to some public computer or server (your own, Flickr, Umgur, PhotoBucket, ...) on the Internet.

Then the URL to use is something like:

E.g. http://www.whereever.com/yourpicture.jpg


Q. How to insert an image into your Duolingo forum post?


  • 1) Duolingo uses (a part of) the MarkDown language, which is a language like HTML, but designed to be much simpler.

  • 2) For an image use this:





Alt text

That works in MarkDown and also in Duolingo.

There are no spaces between the !, the square brackets, the parenthesis, or the text they contain. Alt text is some short words to very briefly describe the image, such as "completed Enlgish tree". It is used by software that reads pages to blind people so that they can "see" the picture, and it is used by search engines so that when someone searches for "english tree" your picture will show up.

Or also when the picture is not found (anymore) it will show the text so that you have some more idea where it is about.

  • 3) Now there are two situations:

a) your image is already somewhere on the Internet (e.g. Flickr, Imgur, PhotoBucket, Google, ...). You can then just fill in that URL which points to that image.

b) your image is on your local computer or mobile telephone. In that case you must first make sure it is somewhere on the Internet where it is publicly accessible. So you will have to upload that image to a website (e.g. Flickr, Imgur, PhotoBucket, ...) on the Internet first. Then you fill in that URL which points to that image.

  • 4) See also:


Note: How to take a screenshot? How you take a screenshot depends on your OS. In Microsoft Windows, you can use shift+PrintScreen. On the mobile telephone press e.g. the home button and the switch on button together.


Thanks for the explanation.


You are welcome


You said you can do this with Google photos. So I have an image in my Google Photos album that I wanted to post in a Duolingo discussion. With Google Photos you can obtain a shareable link. So I got that link (https://goo.gl/photos/5B5KhELzyMTceW7s7) and I tried to post it per your above instructions with the exclamation mark, brackets, etc., but nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?

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