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Answering in the wrong language (May '17)

In a dictation exercise in the German-English course, I translated the sentence into English by mistake (I was doing timed practice of an early lesson and I'm fairly sure my translation was correct) and Duo marked it as incorrect (no option to correct) because I typed in English. I know that we were allowed to correct this kind of mistake in the past as I do this very often. Has there been a recent change in the way Duo marks answers that are given in the wrong language and if so, why?

May 8, 2017



It seems to depend on which language you learn. I have seen both. I believe in the DE-ES tree I got a message, if I mistakenly translated a voice dictate and then I could write it again. In other trees this was marked as an error. May be this is a special setting of the tree, which must be set or prepared by the tree developers?


That is possible. I hope the tree devs (? lol) see this and revert the change. It's a rather silly reason to mark an answer wrong.


I don't know the answer to this, but I do this fairly often myself. When this happens, a message pops up telling me I answered in the wrong language and I have the opportunity to make a correction. Seems to me they should give extra credit for this, rather than calling it an error.


Just edited the question to make it clearer - I used to get the prompt to correct the answer before, but the last two times it was straight up marked wrong (breaking streak/heart)


I often find myself typing an answer in both English and German. I also send emails in a mix. Rather weird.

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