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The mobile app really needs the grammar tips!.

It really is missing, as 95% mobile user, I am really missing out on the grammar, I can easily do the exercises, but I can't create new sentences because I was taught no grammar besides the ones I see in the sentences I translate.

I am studying French, but I am sure this applies pretty much to all languages.

May 8, 2017



You can also use Duolingo's web version (www.duolingo.com) in the browser of your mobile phone, when you have rather good Wifi or 4G/LTE and an internet bundle.
I have always both open on my phone, so I can read the grammar Tips and notes in the web version before I do a lesson in the App.


Good tip, Pentaan! What I've done as well, is copy and paste the Tips & Notes sections into a Google Docs document. You can put Google Docs as an app on your phone. Google Docs can be made available offline, so then you don't have to open and use your phone's browser.


Whenever I tried to open Duolingo's website on my phone, I was ALWAYS redirected to the app. While I was happy enough to whip out my computer, some people may have the same difficulty with their phone's browser that I have always had.


But aren't grammar tips gone in the new version of web site?

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I go through newly available lessons in advance and save the notes in Evernote.


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