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I finished the German tree [Short Story]

Hallo Leute !

My name is Andrey and I'm from Bulgaria and I... play the piano :). I know that there are a lot of similar topics like this one, but I want to share with you my story.
My first encounter with The German Language was way back in 2013 when I was 15. I was always looking forward in learning German because I wanted to study in Germany some day. So we had two hours per week in school, not very much, so I just got the basics of the language. Later that year I decided to start a group course for A1 level, somewhere at that point I found Duolingo.I started very motivated, looking down the tree and counting how many levels I have left until I reach the next checkpoint .. Unfortunately, after a while I lost interest in German, the end of the school year was approaching and German just fell off the priority list. I finished hardly the group course and decided to "break up" with the German... for a while. That "a while" was one whole year. In the summer of 2015 a new spark for learning sparked in me. This time I decided to try private lessons with the idea to take the B1 level exam before my graduation. This time I got further into the language, almost halved the tree here in Duo ( I didn't use it very much because I had a lot of homework from the lessons).And I was so close... But yet again the story repeated itself - end of the my last school year, exams, concerts, gaduation etc. ... and I abandoned it. You can't imagine how sick was I from this language and also sick of myself failing to learn in for the second time. I felt like that was a total waste of time and I thought that was my last attempt of ever in learning it... But you know what they say - third time's a charm. On 19th December I made myself a vow - To learn German once and for all. I logged in in Duolingo and started again for the third time from the start. Reached the 10th day, then 20th and 30th .. I have to admit that at some points it was really hard for me to keep the streak going, but I didn't give up and yesterday on the 7th May 2017 I finally finished the German tree and with that one of my new year's resolutions was achieved. I definitely won't stop here and hopefully later this year I will finally take the B1 exam !

Never stop dreaming ! Never give up ! You can achieve everything !

Vielen Dank Duo für dieses Erlebnis, es war wunderschön. Ich wünsche Euch viel Erfolg beim Lernen !


May 8, 2017


  • 2004

Cool story Andrey, good luck with piano and hopefully you can do the B1. It seems from your English that you have talent for languages (I suppose English is not your native language in Bulgaria) so you should be able to pass that B1 German if you prepare for it. Happy learning :-)


Thank you :) Bulgarian is my native, my English is almost self-learned from TV, Internet, games etc. :)


Ich gratuliere dir ganz herzlich! Durchhalten ist wichtig! Nun solltest du allerdings weiter machen und anfangen, dich auch außerhalb von Duolingo mit der deutschen Sprache zu beschäftigen (deutsche Internetseiten, Fernsehen, Filme, Bücher etc. pp). Weiterhin viel Erfolg! :-)


Vielen Dank ^_^


Gut gemacht!!!! That is a sweet story.


Now you can play some Schumann and understand the grim motto to a piece in Waldszenen (scenes from the forrest). It is a poem by Friedrich Hebbel.

Verrufenene Stelle

Die Blumen, so hoch sie wachsen, Sind blass hier, wie der Tod; Nur eine in der Mitte Steht da, im dunkeln Roth.

Die hat es nicht von der Sonne: Nie traf sie deren Gluth; Sie hat es von der Erde, Und die trank Menschenblut.

[Infamous place

The flowers, high as they may grow, are pale here like Death only one in the middle stands there in dark red.

It hasn't got it from the sun, never has it met its burn/glow It has got it from the earth and that drank human bood.]


Das ganze Gedicht, wenn du interesse hast. Es wird 'Böser Ort' genannt. Ich habe mich ganz verloren, Wie ist hier alles stumm! Es drängen die schwarzen Bäume Sich tückisch um mich herum. Sie wollen mich nicht mehr lassen, Mich aber treibt es fort, Man spricht von bösen Orten, Dies ist ein böser Ort! Hier ist schon Böses geschehen, Und hier muß mehr geschehn, Wird's nicht an ihm begangen, So muß es der Mensch begehn. Die Blumen, so hoch sie wachsen, Sind blaß hier, wie der Tod, Nur eine in der Mitte Steht da in dunklem Rot. Die hat es nicht von der Sonne, Nie traf sie deren Glut, Sie hat es von der Erde, Und die trank Menschenblut! Du sollst dich nicht länger brüsten Auf meines Bruders Grab In deinem gestohlnen Purpur, Ich räch' ihn und breche dich ab! Dort liegt sie zu meinen Füßen! Da schwingt ein Vogel sich, Setzt sich mir gegenüber Und pfeift und verspottet mich. »Jetzt läßt der Ort dich weiter, Da ihm sein Recht geschah, Du hast die Blume getötet, Es war nichts anders da.«


When you have finished this course how many XP was have it? Because I have 30 100 XP and the level 25 and have not finished. Where is the problem. Thank you


There is no problem. The level shows only, how much time you spent with the exercises. Not less, not more. So you simply needed more time to complete the exercises.


You can do this Andrey!!


I am also from Bulgaria. How far do you think German Duolingo course can get you if you use only this app and nothing else - no school, no private lessons - A1, A2 or maybe B1? I wish you good luck!


I would say middle A2, the speaking is the biggest problem here. But I don't think that's impossible to get to B1 alone with a speaking partner and other sites like memrise,tinycards, lingvist etc. It will for sure take a little bit more time but as I said it's not impossible :)


Congratulations! :D


congrats! now that you have finished, what is your take on the grammar offered in the german course?


Encouraging to hear. Thanks!

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