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Favorite Song in a Target Language?

Hey guys just super curious as to what songs everyone listens to or simply love? I'm also looking to find new songs to listen to from this! Personally, I really like Moi Aimer Toi by Vianney for French and Gwreiddiau by Sŵnami for Welsh! Let me know! :)

May 8, 2017



I'm only studying French... I really like Lofofora, and hope I might improve at French from them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOwoWGU5wQY


For French I love : Dans les ruines d'une abbaye. It is about 2 birds in a ruined abbey. It is classical music though so not to everyone's taste. It is a great song for vocabulary


I love classical music, I'll listen to it!


It's tough to pick just one song, but I would say for me perhaps my favorite German song would be "Eiszeit" by "Eisbrecher". Basically I like most songs by Eisbrecher and Rammstein. "Subway to Sally" is also a good German band for something a little different.


Nice! I shall listen!


Vietnamese: Bình Yên Những Phút Giây - Sơn Tùng M-TP

Korean: BTS - Spring Day

Spanish: Alvaro Soler - Sofia

and though i'm not learning Chinese, I really enjoy NCT 127's Limitless :)


um.. limitless is also in korean


A couple I really like (French specifically, though I also listen to Spanish/Danish/other songs):

Papaoutai by Stromae (and almost anything else by him)

Francis by Cœur de pirate

Je veux by Zaz

(Oh and Je sais pas -- Celine Dion)


I really like Papaoutai too! And also Je veux by Zaz. Have you heard La Pluie by Zaz?


No! I'll look for it now

Edit: ooh I really like it


I love Stromae, his music is great.


I haven't looked up any Italian songs yet (which I should do now, and will after I post this) but I know a lot of good French songs. All of the songs I'll list will be by either Sindy or Indila.

  1. Aie aie aie by Sindy
  2. Sans rancune by Sindy
  3. Tourner Dans le Vide by Indila
  4. Je m'en fous by Sindy
  5. Derniere Danse by Indila
  6. Danse Encore by Sindy
  7. S.O.S. by Indila
  8. Love Story by Indila

That's four each, anyone who listens to them, please tell me what you think! Thank you!

Edit/Update: Just found E Piu Ti Penso by Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande :)


I know I didn't use accents; I didn't switch my keyboard to the Italian setting, and even then I don't know how to capitalize some of the accented characters. RIP me XD


Oh my I love Vianney! I love Pas là and Je m'en Vais. I also really like Frero Delavega :)


I've been actively learning Spanish for a few months now. I'd personally listen to anything Prince Royce or Romeo Santos (hint: they're both good-looking af too <3). As you can tell, I'm a little fond of bachata music these days.


I have a lot of favourite songs, but these are the ones that I'm listening to the most at the moment:

  • Portuguese: Sodade by Cesária Évora (It's an old song, but it's new to me)
  • Welsh: Neb Ar Ôl by Yws Gwynedd or Cofio Chdi o'r Ysgol by Yr Ods (Anything from Yws Gwynedd or Yr Ods will do it for me)
  • Italian: Filosofia Agricola by Niccolò Fabi
  • Danish: Aftenbøn by De Eneste To


Da iawn!! Diolch!


My current earworm is Ундервуд's Точка невозврата. http://www.undervud.ru/albums/bez-beregov.html

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