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Swahili audio?

When will the Swahili course add audio?

May 9, 2017



I'm not entirely sure, but I do know that the course came out sooner than the contributors wanted it to. That means it'll take longer than most courses to get audio up and working.


Checked again and google translate sounds pretty iffy. And no voices on iOS. I keep waiting as well. I think in need reasonable audio as well.


I'm wondering this too. Is it going to happen?

[deactivated user]

    I'm thinking we'll have Audio before the end of May.. I'm waiting for the course to get audio before I advance.


    Me too: waiting for the audio.


    I was in the first 250 learners to sign up, but I have not done more than one lesson so far because I too have been waiting for the audio. I think it will be soon, now, perhaps :D


    Just keep going without it, it will make it even easier the second time with audio. Don't give up.


    We still need to wait for that. I just continue and will redo all past lessons as soon as audio is available.


    when will audio be !


    You know there's a master list here: reddit.com/r/languagelearning/comments/5m5426/discord_language_learning_servers_masterlist

    Find Swa in there and maybe one of the few there can help with audio for the time being.

    I'm on there with others. There's a voice section should you need to hear the pronunciation too.

    See you all there.


    Both my roommates speak Swahili, so I just use them when they are in the dorm. Maybe you could find some one until the end of May or whenever the audio comes out? Google can also give you audio if you type the words in.

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