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I'm losing fluency, even when I keep working on the skills. What causes the fluency to go down?

May 9, 2017



Same here - I've completed the German tree twice and keep practicing every day - I'm at 14 %. Italian completed and daily practice - down to 36 %. Spanish completed and lots of practice - stuck at 34 %.

I do understand it's not a duolingo score that matters but I must admit it is a little disheartening (isn't the point of gamification to be more enticing?)

So anyway, my guess is: it's a little a bit off. So do not worry and keep practicing. Anyway I believe you can see your own progress when you do timed practice and get everything right :) that's what keeps me going.


Please, don't notice the fluency %. The Duolingo staff is doing tests with it, so it is a fake %.

I have test it in two accounts in the Android App for the course "German for English speakers".


  • Account 1: Fluency 56%, Level 19; Tree started about 5 months ago: Tree completed about 3 months ago; Word tab: 2499 words learned; Tree is gold today.

  • Account 2: Fluency 63%, Level 12; Tree started 20 days ago, Tree not yet completed (next skill: Adverbs 4); Word tab: 695 words learned; Tree is not gold today: 6 skills have to be strengthen and 11 skills I have never done.

My native language is Dutch. And I am hardly capable to exercise in the web version of this course "German for English speakers". So both Fluency % (56 and 63) are completely nonsense in the real world.


The fluency meter gets mentioned a lot in these forums. The consensus is that it seems to be designed to motivate us to study, rather than as a measure of actual fluency.

It seems to be based on how much of the tree you have learned, and how secure that knowledge is. Broadly speaking, if your tree is gold, your fluency percentage will be higher than if it isn't. The longer the tree has been gold, the higher the percentage will be.

It seems to max out at about 60%. That's probably realistic - Duolingo is for the first stage of learning a language.

There's some more info here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19032758


Thank you so much to everyone for your comments. I still enjoy my practice, but wanted to understand what the fluency means. I will not let it stop me from learning even if it seems like discouragement instead of encouragement. I suspect the decline may also be based on my sporadic participation due to a busy life. I have not been able to sustain daily practice. Peace to all!


Its if you are up to the required standard duo requests. even if you are working on your skills... are you taking it in?


I'll admit you have a point I suppose - though I'm not sure what the requirements are: is it to score 100% every time ? Then no. I usually get between 18 and 20 on timed practice but if I get less I practice until I reach minimum 19.

So I'd say that even with what you (are right to) ask, I find it a bit low...


Nah mate you definately dont need all 100% cos i would still b on 1%!!. just try yer hardest i guess its all you can do!


I would also get a bit down if my results didnt increase, just hang in there mate


maybe duo judges you fluency based on your previous progress? i dont know really, its just a guss


sorry for spelling mistakes, i saw them just after it posted


There are a lot of similar complaints recently. I think it's simply this: duolingo is now funded mainly by ads. And so they have to find ways to make the users do more lessons...

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