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  5. "Non mangio pasta."

"Non mangio pasta."

Translation:I do not eat pasta.

March 2, 2013



Who on earth doesn't eat pasta?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?


People who drink oil, I presume.


People watching their Carb intake like me. :/


...said no Italian, EVER!


How does one differentiate between "I am not eating pasta" and "I don't eat pasta"? They are two very different statements, I feel. (I have a feeling that it's contextual and is okay both ways, as that's how it is for many other languages, but I'd like to be sure.)


How would you say, "I'm not eating a meal"?


"Non mangio un pasto" or "Salto un pasto" (saltare = to skip, in this case, even if normally it means to jump)


Why is an article not required here for pasta?


Probably because the phrase is not specifying an amount or type of paste (e.g. "a dish of pasta"), but it means pasta in general (i.e., I don't eat ANY type of pasta, or I don't eat pasta at all). Like, "I don't drink beer".


Ciao Amigos: Can anyone tell me when to use "non" and when to use "no". On translation sites, the English comes out the same when I type in "Io non mangio la pasta" or "Io no mangio la pasta". thanks grazie


No just simply means no. Non is a way of negating. Non is the English equivalent of saying "Doesn't" or "Can't" or "Don't" You would use no if someone asked if you want pasta and just wanted to say no. Whereas you would use non if you wanted to tell someone you don't eat pasta period. Hope this helps! Arrivederci!


And what i should say "i am not eat pasta"..?

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