Something glitchy with the xp counter

Yesterday I noticed a glitch in the xp counter - it was the first day of the week and according to the daily counter on monday I did 160 xp worth of lessons and review, which given what I did seems about right, however the weekly cumulative total stands at only 120.


I took a screen shot and shared it with a friend and we both thought it was kind of funny but at the same time very irritating, how can there be a forty point discrepancy in the recorded and reported data and how often is this happening?

This morning i did my first ten points of the day and the weekly total has gone up by ten but still stands at 130, less than i did yesterday alone.

May 9, 2017


probably something happened with the time zone settings

May 9, 2017

That makes no sense. It was counting data on the same day and one in theory updates the other. I have just proved that this morning by doing a lesson and having it update immediately - 10 more points, daily total reads 10 and the weekly cumulative total goes up by 10. The running total is therfore not updated at the end of the day or anything like that.

May 9, 2017


May 9, 2017
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