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Best Factor Awards

To honor all those amazing people who have helped out many on this site, I would like to propose "Best Factor awards" for different languages. Best Factor as in "He/She is the best factor in helping people learn grammar/idioms/intricacies etc. of the language". These awards could be given quarterly, half-yearly or annually, and I would hope Duolingo picks it up and runs with it.

If this picks up some speed, I would like to nominate "SiteSurf" for French and "Wataya" for German(It'd be better if I knew their names), for their enormous contribution in at least helping me learn these languages better and faster. If this doesn't pick up, oh well, then this should act as a shout-out to both of these guys, for being so incredibly awesome and of course, super helpful.


March 2, 2013


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