"Punând hainele la loc, iubita lui Mihai a găsit un inel între ele."

Translation:Putting the clothes away, Michael's girlfriend found a ring between them.

May 9, 2017

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Nobody would say "between them". It should be "among them".


IMHO, this sentence is too long for timed practice. It's a good example but it should not be used for timed practice. It is difficult to type within thirty seconds, (let alone far less, once you are in the middle middle of a "timed practice"), especially with diacriticals .


I hope it was on purpose and not by accident.


I also think it is more normal to say clothes in general without needing the definite article. So I omitted all together. Obviously in order to go ahead I wrote what you want !!!


It does not mean exactly the same thing, so it’s better to cling to the Romanian version. The Romanian sentence uses the article, so you should use the article in English too.

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