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nous parlez-vous?

why it means "you talk to us?" rather than "we talk to you?"

June 24, 2012



Note that, in formal French, a question is structured as ‘object verb-subject?’. You can easily identify that it’s a formal construction because of the hyphen and the pronoun at the end of the question. Also, note that ‘parlez’ is the vous-conjugation of ‘parler’, indicating that ‘vous’ is the subject of that question. Therefore, a question ending with ‘parlez-vous ?’ is translated as a question beginning with ‘do you talk’ or ‘are you talking’. Since ‘nous’ is the verb object, ‘nous parlez-vous ?’ can be translated as ‘do you talk to us?’ or ‘are you talking to us?’


"We talk to you" would be "Nous vous parlons". As a question -- "Are we talking to you?", it would be "Vous parlons-nous?"


i see, so all i have to do is to look at the conjugation of the verb~

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