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Why is there a mistake in sample sentence?

"Mon gâteau, mon chocolat et mon haricots sont sombres."

(French for English speakers, curriculum page for teachers, one of the earlier lessons.)

Don't know where to go to warn DuoLingo about this. Maybe someone will see it here.

May 9, 2017



When you enter an answer (right or wrong) the bar that pops up should have a flag you can click on to report the problem or read about other people's thoughts on it


no, that's when one is doing a lesson ... where I saw the error was in a sort of "advertising" of the page (* curriculum page, for teachers )


Ah, I see I don't have a class so no curriculum pages. They sound interesting the apps have no introduction at all which is part of why I object to the health system they are testing on iOS. Thanks

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