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"Ele tem pegado ônibus na próxima parada."

Translation:He has been taking the bus at the next stop.

March 2, 2013



NO, NO AND ONE MORE TIME NO. I will keep typing Present Perfect and Duolingo will accept it until it is clearly said the sentence definitely means Present Perfect Continuous or whatever this english tense has been named.


I have the same problem. Duolingo seemed to accept Present Perfect answers some sentences earlier, but not now. I keep reporting them. Neither do i see the clear difference here between PP and PPC.


is there no definitive article needed for the bus in Portuguese?


Hmmm... as taking the bus is part of his routine it is not necessary to use the definite article in this case.... because is not a specific bus. But if u use, both make sense


Alright, thanks for the reply!


In Portugal a bus stop is a "paragem", not a "parada", and a bus is an "autocarro".


you are right, but. there are differences between the brasilian and european portuguese. same like uk and us english. so, this site is the brasilian way.

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