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Today Is Teacher Appreciation Day! Thank You Duolingo For Teaching Us!


<pre> Thank you so much for teaching us. I have just started to DUOLINGO, but I LOVE it. I am learning spanish and swahili, and it is so amazing. You are great teachers. Keep teaching, bravebratcher </pre>
May 9, 2017



I srsly wouldn't know anything about my family's tree if it weren't for duolingo. I know that sounds crazy, but I had a project where I had to learn about my family tree and I am Italian. It started out with me just wanting to sleep during class time but then I decided to learn Italian and DUOLINGO made it SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING!!! Thank you so much!


Ooh! Hufflepuff! I like Harry Potter, too!(sorry for changing the subject) (just keep going on with teacher appreciaton day)



I am learning Spanish and French. I am getting better at both languages every day thanks to DUOLINGO! I started DUOLINGO 3 weeks ago and I have been learning A LOT!!!

Gracias and merci beaucoup DUOLINGO!!!


Thank you so much, WE LOVE YOU DUO. You've showed us so much. Thank you, thank you and thank you! And welcome everyone who's new!


Duolingo has been helping me so much with learning Spanish! Thank you Duolingo.


I would not be learning Norwegian if it weren't for Duolingo!


Grazie tanto duolingo! Mi piace usare questo sito web e fa apprendere una lingua tanto più divertimento !!! Lo adoro!

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