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Polish: How to know, which conjugation class a verb belongs to?

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I know, there are three conjugation classes for verbs in Polish:

  1. -am, -asz
  2. -ę, -isz/-ysz
  3. -ę, -esz

I also already know, how I have to conjugate through these clases - if I know, which of these clases belongs to a particular verb.

And that's my question: How do I know, which conjugation class a verb belongs to? Do I have to learn it by heart or are there any hints?

1 year ago

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Some time ago I tried to find those rules and I think that they cannot be easily formulated. Depending on system there are from 3 to 11 (some with subclasses and exceptions) conjugation classes. Their definition is based not only on ending but also on the fact of changing the word stem(„temat”, Wortstamm). To know if the stem changes you must be able to do conjugation. To do conjugation you should know in which class the verb is ...

Maybe this wiktionary source can help you. However it is in Polish: https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/Aneks:Język_polski_-_koniugacja_I

1 year ago