"I am disappointed"


May 9, 2017

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Here we are introduced to using "me" and ending with "ka" when speaking about emotions. "Umehuzunika" But is it also ok to say "Wewe ni huzuni" or in past tense "Ulikuwa huzuni?" Would the meaning change in any way? Would this mean "I was sad"?

I am confused about how to express my own and ask for others emotions in swahili, and would really appreciate it if someone could explain or post a link to somewhere this is being addressed.


Wewe ni huzuni means "I am sadness". To say "I am sad" using this word, you have to say Nina huzuni "I am sad" (literally "I have sadness.")

The past of that, like the past of any "I have" is Nilikuwa na huzuni "I was sad" (literally: I had sadness ... even more literally: I was with sadness)


Mambo rafiki! This is a video lesson introducing "statives" in Swahili:


And also the perfect tense -me- using affirmative and negative sentences:


I think in this use as statives the sentences are situated as recent events, so it would not be necessary to use the past tense in the translations. ;)

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