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Polish: How do I know the stem of a verb?

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If I understood it correct, there are two verb stems in Polish:

  • infinitive stem
  • present stem

In the most cases the infinitive stem is also the present stem:

  • czytać - czyta- (stem)

The stem ist used to conjugate the verb, by adding the needed conjugation endings to the stem, i. e.

  • czyta - czytasz

But some verbs have a different present stem.

  • studijować - studiowa- (infinitive stem) - studiuj- (present stem)

Are these special verbs only these, where exist an "owa" in them? Or are there another ones?

And for the normal verbs: How do I know the stem? Only by remove the last letter, i. e. in czytać the ć? Or are there verbs, where this is different?

1 year ago

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