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Just to vent some frustration on the discussion board...

Hello, and I want to talk about the discussion board for a minute...

I've been noticing that some people can't really figure out where to post their questions. See the discussion board is a board made to post problems, bugs, and of course help for those in need. The community is great but some can ruin it. In the discussion board you may see the occasional regular discussion on people having trouble (e.g Spanish grammar issues ) . But recently you've might've seen people posting stuff such as : Give me lingots, Heyyy, and others.

I like the idea that you can ask a question and have it be responded by a moderator or administrator and have it taken care of, but posts like these shouldn't really be allowed. Some of the random posts aren't posted where they need to be and is often filled with spam. Yes, I know that some people either don't read the rules or the " Popular " discussion board filled with lots of useful information on where to post grammar help and troubleshooting.


All in all with every problem there is a solution and here are my proposals on this..

  1. People can start reading the " Popular " discussion board to have an idea on what to post.

https://www.duolingo.com/discussion https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8000024 https://www.duolingo.com/comment/14754529

  1. Appoint mods to look and inspect the discussion board and moderate.

Mods can look and take down offensive and inappropriate posts. For those that post stuff unrelated and be given a warning then a time out and lastly a ban for offenses ( e.g Like in " Twitch " )

Thus this concludes my statement constructive criticism is allowed . Leave you opinions. Have a good day.

May 9, 2017



I know in some cases, if some discussions or spams get out of hand, a moderator will step in... but simply looking at the New discussions for the day, I get a little irritated with all the junk going around. I agree with you that it should be kept clean of spam and irrelevant posts, which I usually downvote anyway. Stuff I find helpful or others might find helpful gets a thumbs-up from me! That is what Discussion is for after all, right?


i agree, but I do not let my self get that frustrated! Why does it bother you so much?


I'm pretty new here so what do I know ? But still, I agree. It is painful to see how many threads are started that are of no interest to anyone.


A lot of spam threads get rapidly downvoted and disappear within minutes.

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