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  5. "L-am văzut înjunghiind oaia!"

"L-am văzut înjunghiind oaia!"

Translation:I saw him stabbing the sheep!

May 9, 2017



When it is funny, learning is easy.


for sure : ) just I would find different ways heh


True, but it does depend a bit on what your idea of "funny" is. And for me this just ain't.


What's with all the animal cruelty and child abuse?


I suspect the makers of this course were young and felt cool being politically incorrect.
And I'm still holding my breath if more mature an empathy can save mankind in time anyway. Political correctness may even have gotten in the way somehow recently... but, I for one, I'm all with the sheep!


So nice to learn important things about Romanian culture, isn't it?


replace those sentences, quite funny but not super memorable to learn


This is quite the cruellest course I've seen in Duolingo, and although I do seem to be learning some Romanian, this aspect is really spoiling my enjoyment of the course, and does nothing for the reputation of Duolingo as a quality learning platform. I wonder if Luis, or anyone else in Pittsburgh knows what's being put out in their name here.

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