"Ela fala enquanto dorme."

Translation:She speaks while sleeping.

March 2, 2013

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While sleeping and while asleep are the same. Asleep should be accepted


You're absolutely right, Charles141957. You should report it so that it gets accepted.


"She talks in her sleep" but "She sleep walks".


I'm not sure what you mean with this.

Would it be a correct translation to say "She speaks when she sleeps"?


What i meant was: there is a usual expression in English for when a person walks about while asleep - "She sleep walks", but there isn't one for talking while asleep. "Enquanto" means "while", that is "for some of the time she is asleep" but not all the time or every time." "Quando" means "when", possibly all the time. "Whenever" means all the time and every time. Whenever= "sempre que", but you need a Brazilian to tell you if these three expressions overlap as the English ones do.


The more correct American English translation is: "She talks in her sleep."


Native US speaker. "She sleep talks" is not a common English usage. "Whilst," though useful and understood, is virtually archaic.


You're correct about "She sleep talks". But, are you from the USA, as I am? I believe "Whilst" used in British English instead of our "While". I've heard some British people use it currently.


I agree about "sleep talks" but I am English and I use "whilst". The way English is spoken and written nowadays is often so painful that sometimes it almost makes me wish I had not been to grammar school.


why not dormindo? when using "while" (enquanto) it is implied so no need to use gerund?


"She talks in her sleep" is the usual expression in GB English too. I guessed Duolingo would not like it so put "She talks while she is asleep"... also marked wrong.


She sleeps whilst sleeping is also correct but not accepted. Nor is she talks in her sleep for some reason....


while she sleeps not accepted

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