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Glossika site offers free games for alphabet learning: Russian, Greek, Polish, Armenian & Georgian.

The Glossika site now has onsite alphabet games to learn the Russian, Greek, Polish, Armenian, and Georgian alphabets. When visiting their home page you'll see a popup on the right-hand side w/ links.

I haven't tried these, other than to look at the start of the Russian game. It employs a homophonic keyboard for letter recognition (more intuitive than the "standard" Russian keyboard), which makes sense. The Greek game surely offers a homophonic keyboard also (as far as I know there is no other).

Those who want to learn the letters of any of these alphabets may find these games helpful.

[Added] As piguy3 pointed out in his comment, Georgian and Armenian alphabets are now listed. This is a change since my post.

Also, the Russian coverage has expanded beyond letter recognition to cover "Print Letters," "Italic Letters," and "Typing." And Typing uses the Standard (ЙЦУКЕН) keyboard.

As noted, I haven't tried any of these beyond Russian, and that very little. These look like they may be very useful for learning these alphabets. Check them out!

May 9, 2017



Armenian and Georgian, too! Amazingly, they seem to have set it up to learn all three Georgian alphabets, although only Mkhedruli is really useful for beginners.


Thanks, piguy3! A G were not linked to on the popup when I posted, the post has been edited to mention that. Very cool. Also, it looks like the Russian typing section teaches the "standard" keyboard. (Which, FWIW, is fine by me, as that's the one I know. I thought either Georgian or Armenian might require a font change, but now it, whichever one it was, seems to be working fine.)

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