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How do I apply for the Korean alpha test?


I was checking the status of the Korean course and I saw that the team is looking for alpha testers. I was just wondering if any of you knew how to apply to become an alpha tester. Also, do you guys know if you need to know Korean in order to alpha test?

Thanks in advance

May 10, 2017



You will need to apply via the form in the incubator. (Just put some placeholder text in the section that asks you to translate your application into Korean—they will probably not want fluent Korean-speakers as alpha testers, anyway.)


I am actually not sure how you apply for alpha testing for Korean, but what I can say is that I think you do not need to know Korean in order to alpha test it. When I signed up for the Japanese Alpha, I barely knew any Japanese, and yet I was still picked to be an alpha tester.


Thank you for the response. The Japanese course needed as many alpha testers as possible because it's using a new system to teach characters. Maybe the Korean course will be the same, since it would have to teach a new alphabet. I hope you're right!


How did you sign up for the Japanese alpha?


About a month ago one of the Duolingo staff posted a sticky that asked for people to fill out an online form to express their interest in alpha testing for the Japanese course. Acceptance was fairly limited though as they were only looking for testers who used iOS devices. I'm not sure whether Korean will have the same scenario though, but be on the lookout for some official announcement on the forums.


I thought iOS applied to Apple computers but it's not. Only to iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. The most recent version of the DuoLingo app is needed.

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